-Jim Harmon, Original Developer & Engineer of the Trinity Table.

Whether in our mobile sanctuary, or a host location sessions are offered in a dimly lit environment with minimal distractions.  In a session, the client (fully clothed, with shoes removed) lies carefully on the table and becomes comfortably positioned. Headphones will be placed on your head with relaxing music streaming through to help block out the sounds around you and carry you into a state of deep relaxation and bliss. A dry wash clothe is placed over the eyes followed by a special weighted eye mask to help further block out the world around you and allow you to better slip into the desired states. Occasionally, essential oils may be used to enhance your experience and to aide in achieving your outcome. Once we begin, the table will begin to rotate, very slowly, in a counter clockwise direction clients quickly lose their preconceived sense of movement and direction and feel as though they have stopped. It is important to keep your eyes covered and just relax into the sensation of stillness and remain ON the table until your Technician lets you know it is time to get up.  Despite the hustle and bustle of an event setting, clients are shocked and delighted at how amazingly relaxed they are able to become. Most quickly forget the environment they are in. Sessions last no more than 20 minutes at any given time and clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water there after.

"Whether any discovery is a result of hard work or merely remembered from some other place or time should be considered".

Proudly Serving Upstate, South Carolina

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of Healing & Meditative Arts

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