electromagnetic realignment therapy 

Lie back, relax and enjoy taking a slow spin on our Trinity Table. 
It began with the intent of building a device that could be used to introduce euphoric states in individuals suffering from substance dependencies in the form of drugless, electromagnetic therapy- but quickly, they found the results to be much more profound than they could have ever imagined. Through the course of 12 years of devoted research, developers learned it could do far more. While clients who spend time enjoying this relaxing form of therapy no doubt experience building glimpses of euphoria with each session, they also experienced many other benefits as well.


Research has concluded use of this device:

-Improved Motor Skills
-Improved Functional Abilities
-Pronounced Correction of Internal   
 Temperature Imbalances
-Significant Pain Reduction and Potential Elimination
-Deep Relaxation
-Achievement of Alpha, Theta and Delta States


The Trinity Table is a hydraulically driven passive motion table that works through its extremely subtle rocking motion and very slow, gentle counter-clockwise rotation. The original design was similar to the devices used in the aerospace program to help astronauts re acclimate and realign to the Earth's electromagnetic field and gravitational differences. As the table rotates, it realign's the body's natural electromagnetic field to Earth's electromagnetic field which not only offers extensive benefits to the mind, body and emotions but immeasurable benefits to the energetic system and allows the electromagnetic field to expand considerably. Like a compass, it recalibrates the client's body to the Earth's electromagnetic field, allowing it to function properly. Research has shown it has a distinct ability to elevate, integrate, balance and enhance a person's energetic systems. Through the Trinity Table, it has been confirmed that the lower Alpha, Theta and even Delta states can be achieved. The Theta state is typically a state that can only be breifly reached during sleep or with the aide of a trained, experienced mediator while true Delta is normally virtually impossible. This is important because science has determined that it's within these states where perfect healing and restoration can occur and it is in Delta where we can access super consciousness.

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