The path of Reiki has taken you through a spiraling adventure of self discovery most never knew possible... Now it is time to come into completion, the next step on your journey into your new life. Remember, the end is always just the beginning...


The Master Healer's Degree explores the most advanced techniques for palm healing and asks you to master each one as your practice evolves into a life style.  Discover daily devotional exercises to strengthen your energy and connect you to your higher self.  Explore the meanings behind things that only seemed insignificant, until now.  In this degree we will be learning eight complete advanced practices to enhance your skills and your life.  We will discuss everything from breathing to diagnostic skills, how to clear a room of negativity and harmonize the energies within, how to use Reiki to treat a client with pin point accuracy, what a blockage is and how to release it, sequencing, the art of absentee healing (also known as distance healing) and even more.  This intense course will offer full understanding of each element of Reiki bringing your training full circle.




Complete the students understanding of energy and energy medicine, utilizing advanced techniques for palm healing for others completing their training as Reiki Master Healer. The emphasis lies heavily on the energetic and spiritual aspects in this course and two more symbols are presented and explained in detail. The SPIRITUAL level is the primary focus in this degree completing the cycle and establishing a holistic approach.



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Due to current changes as of September 2015, registration WILL BE by e-mail only.  Please e-mail us at with any questions, or to request class dates, registration and payment options.  We accept VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX/DISCOVER/PAYPAL only. You may also SUBSCRIBE to our FREE Newsletter and/or LIKE our Facebook Page for announcements concerning classes and other upcoming opportunities we may be offering.




Cost is $600.00 with a $200.00 Non-Refundable registration fee.  Your Registration fee will be deducted from your tuition, the remaining balance is due upon arrival for class.


Remember: Class space is LIMITED, min 3, limit 6 students per class!  Course, Certificate, Materials, Handbook and Refreshments will be provided and are included in tuition