Self Healing is fast becoming an important part of daily life.  Everyday, people find themselves searching for fulfillment. Reiki is a process of Empowerment. It is different from other forms of therapy because of the attunement process undergone with each degree.  In other forms of healing, the therapist must keep a constant focus on what they are doing to deliver the results their client came to achieve.  With Reiki, you may interact with others without disrupting the flow of energy or hindering the healing process.  The Key to Reiki is SIMPLICITY.


As a Reiki Practitioner, you become a facilitator for Self Healing.  Learn to take yourself into deeper states of relaxation; quickly ease simple discomforts such as headaches, cramping or stomach upset; and open the door into deeper levels of health and well being.  First Degree Reiki takes us on a journey through the past as we discover the foundations of it's creation. After a short break, we delve into the Mechanics of Reiki and the Anatomy of Energy.  Once we have instilled a strong understanding of energy we will flow through several exercises that will allow you to experience energy first hand.  In part two, begin to understand the importance and benefits of Self Healing and gain proficiency in applying Reiki and promoting healing on Physical, Mental, Emotional and even Spiritual levels.  Before the conclusion of this course you will be provided with all of the tools and resources to skillfully master the first degree of this art form. Class will resume after 21 days for certification and to allow time for group sharing and questions.




The focus of this course lies in developing a strong background in the fundamentals of Reiki with an emphasis on the Self Healing process from a clinical perspective.  Focus lies heavily on the PHYSICAL level.



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Cost is $350.00 with a $100.00 Non-Refundable registration fee. Your Registration fee will be deducted from your tuition, the remaining balance is due upon arrival for class.



Remember: Class space is LIMITED, min 4 students & limit 8 students per class! 

Intensive Training,  Certificate, Materials, Handbook and Light Refreshments will be provided and are included in tuition.