Already taken classes?


If you have already completed training with us and met all the criteria but would like the opportunity to expand your understanding of a particular degree, we offer our students the opportunity participate in our refresher program. Our refresher program offers students the opportunity to sit in on a particular degree to expand on your previous training. In some cases an extended period of time may have passed between trainings or before offering services. Refresher courses offer the student the opportunity to:


    * Receive updated information since your previous training

    * Learn or brush up on new techniques implemented since your 

      previous training

    * Build additional confidence before proceeding into the next 

      level of training or offering a service

    * Receive an updated/revised handbook (if applicable)

    * Become re-attuned (if applicable)

    * Bond and Share the class room experience and with new 

       emerging practitioners

    * Become reconnected if you feel you have lost your motivation 

      and connection


                                                                                                   ... without incurring the full expense of each course.


This option is only available to graduates of The Wind Institute of Healing and Meditative Arts and you may only refresh courses you have already completed. There is a fee for refresher training and will vary according to the students needs. If you are interested in participating in refresher courses, please call to discuss eligibility and receive a custom rate. If you have received training for Reiki Therapy from another provider and wish to enroll for re-training at our facility, we welcome you to join us and will need to enroll for standard training, after which you will become eligible for refresher courses.


Please Note: All persons participating in classes begin in First Degree classes despite previous training.