Reflexology is a system of massage dedicated to the feet, hands and ears used to relieve tension and ease symptoms, using precise pressure points.  Reflexology (or Zone Therapy) works with the central nervous system to relieve pressure or tension affecting organ function through points located on the feet, hands and ears that coordinate specific points through out the body including organs, glands and even structure.  Alleviating tension in these points, relaxing them and stimulating them through pressure and massage encourages improved function in the coordinating organ, gland or other reflex point as well as creates an opportunity for total relaxation through out the body.  


Reflexology is a safe and natural therapy that uses pressure applied to the feet at specific locations to bring relief to people of all ages.  From newborns to the elderly, Reflexology has been favored for it's ability to assist the body in detoxification and recouperation from many discomforts, ailments and chronic complaints all while lying back and relaxing on one of our comfortable massage tables.  Reflexology helps the body to restore a state of "normal" naturally, with out any adverse side effects. 


 Each persons experience is completely unique, but most will agree it is like having a full body massage while only working through the feet. Through regular treatments, Reflexology can often help dramaticaly improve:


  • Physical, Mental and Emotional complaints

  • Digestive Function and Elimination

  • Equilibrium and Balance

  • Release Muscle Tension, Pain and Stress

  • Improve Blood Circulation and Lymph Flow

  • Sense of Relaxation, Wellbeing and Sleep.



For example the spine, the support center of the body, is reflected inside the curve of the foot and studies have shown that the curve of an individuals foot matches the curve of their spine with mathematical precision.  Just as with the spine, the organs, glandular systems and lymphatic systems are also reflected in the feet.  



Though sometimes subtle and very relaxing, one of the best benefits of Reflexology is its ability to aide in circulations and the detoxification of each area of the body especially the organs.  Because of this, you could experience several temporary symptoms of detoxification including:


  • Improved or Temporarily Frequent Bowel Moments

  • Increased Urination

  • Additional Perspiration

  • Congestion or Additional Mucous Production

  • Tiredness

  • Headache

  • Funny Taste in your Mouth or Nausea

  • or even a Rash or Watery Eyes.


It is important to remember that this is a normal process and part of the goal of Reflexology.  Symptoms will lessen with regular sessions as the body begins becoming clearer and more free of toxins with each time leaving you feeling more energized and rejuvenated.

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