Relieves symptoms of alcohol-related discomfort including:

-headache and dehydration
-upset stomach/nausea
-sluggish feeling
-liver toxicity

Recommended for: those who want homeopathic relief from the side effects of alcohol consumption.
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    For use prior to consuming alcoholic beverages, every hour during consumption and thereafter.

    The therapeutic benefits of the ingredients described below are from clinical evidence reported in the major homeopathic materia medicas accepted throughout the world.


    Headache and Dehydration
    Arsenicum Album 200C - For feelings of exhaustion and restlessness; eases unquenchable thirst; and treats dehydration
    Bryonia 200C - Relieves excessive thirst combined with dry mouth; eases dehydration; treats delirium, nausea and faintness upon rising
    Carbo An 200C - For a desire to be alone and helps ease headaches
    Kali Iod 200C - For melancholy feelings, headaches and acute thirst
    Radium Brom 200C - For feelings of tiredness; eases feelings of vertigo; relief for dryness of mouth
    Humulus Lupulus - promotes restful sleep; calms nervousness
    Valeriana - relieves the frequency of nightmares as well as nighttime muscle cramps

    Upset Stomach/Nausea
    Chelidonium Maj 200C - Eases feelings of general lethargy; eases nausea
    Thuja Occ 200C - Treats a loss of appetite; eases emotional sensitiveness and a tendency to weep
    Taraxacum 1X - For feelings of chilliness after drinking; treats nausea (with inclination to vomit)

    Sluggish Feeling
    Avena 1X - For sluggishness and sexual incapacity from excessive alcohol intake
    Capsicum 6X - For the sluggish and feeble digestion of alcoholics; treats a weak reactive force
    Liver toxicity
    Carduus Marianus 1X - For abuse of alcoholic beverages, especially beer; and helps to protect the liver
    Lapis Albus 200C - For occasional incidences of glandular swelling and lymphatics
    Hepar 6X - Promotes healthy liver function; supports the detoxification process

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