Temporarily relieves the symptoms of gastric distress including:

-stomach cramps
-nausea and food poisoning

Recommended for: those wanting fast acting, holistic relief from digestive upset including cramps, gas and bloating.
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    The therapeutic benefits of the ingredients described below are from clinical evidence reported in the major homeopathic materia medicas accepted throughout the world.


    Carbo veg (Vegetable charcoal) - treatment for flatulence
    Ornithogalum (Star of Bethlehem) - helps alleviate chronic gastric problems including flatulence
    Cinchona (Peruvian Bark) - relieves bloating and flatulence

    Hydrastis (Orangeroot, Yellow Puccoon/Goldenseal) - alleviates an inability to digest ood properly
    Carbo an (Animal charcoal) - mitigates an inability to digest food properly
    Carbo veg (Vegetable charcoal) - helps relieve slow digestion
    Cinchona (Peruvian Bark) - treatment for poor digestion

    Stomach Cramps
    Hydrastis (Orangeroot, Yellow Puccoon/Goldenseal) - eases stomach pain
    Carbo veg (Vegetable charcoal) - soothes stomach cramping
    Calc sulph (Calcium Sulfate) - alleviates stomach pain
    Ornithogalum (Star of Bethlehem) - eases sharp stomach pains
    Pyrogenium (Pyrogen) - eases stomach discomfort

    Nausea and food poisoning
    Hydrastis (Orangeroot, Yellow Puccoon/Goldenseal) - relieves upset stomach
    Calcarea sulph (Calcium Sulfate) - eases nausea
    Silicea (Silica) - alleviates stomach discomfort
    Pyrogenium (Pyrogen) - treatment for vomiting
    Arsenicum alb (Arsenic Trioxide) - eases irritable stomach
    Nux vom (Poison-nut) - relieves nausea

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