For centuries, herbs have been burned as an incense for cleansing and purifying the air. Though others can be used for the same purpose, Sage has proven to be the THE most popular herb for cleansing, as (on an energetic level)  it has the distinct ability to neuralize negative energy offering a cleansing effect on people, places and things.  Coupled with Mugwort, this smudge packs a powerful cleansing blend. Mugwort is the traditional herb used in China and Japan for cleansing energy and cones are rolled and placed on the body for moxibustion- a practice used in accupuncture. 


Scientifically, when White Sage (a Salvia) is burned and inhaled it acts as a mild euphoric, which explains physically why it can offer such an attitude adjustment. Even Realtors started using this ancient technique to clear old energy out of a home or business they are placing on the market and the results have astounded them!  In some, Mugwort has also been said to induce lucid dreaming, so please use with caution. We recommend using this smudge before bed.


Used responsibly and burned in a fire safe container, burning sage and other herbs could have a positive impact on your life as well. All of our herbs come from ethically and sustainably sourced suppliers we trust.

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