Relieves acne discomfort and the common symptoms of acne including:

-Face and Body Breakouts
-Itching and Inflammation

Recommended for: those who would like a natural and effective option for
acne symptoms and discomfort.
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    The therapeutic benefits of the ingredients described below are from clinical evidence reported in the major homeopathic materia medicas accepted throughout the world.


    Face and Body Breakouts
    Anthracinum (Bacillus anthracis) - natural antibiotic for treating acne
    Nat Sulphuratum (Sodium sulfide) - primary acne treatment for acute acne sufferers
    Kali Brom (Potassium bromide) - eases acne breakouts on the chest, shoulders and face
    Antimon Crud - treats pimples and pustules
    Hepar (Liver extract) - helps detoxify the liver, often lessening the occasion of skin eruptions

    Radium Brom (Radium bromide) - reduces redness of the skin due to capillaries
    Sulphur Iod (Sulfer iodine) - relieves redness and infection caused by acne
    Sanguinaria (Blood-root) - reduces redness of the cheeks
    Thuja Occ (Tree of Life) - effective skin and anti-psoric remedy
    Apis Mel - reduces facial swelling and skin redness
    Merc Corros (Corrosivus Sublimate) - eases facial redness and puffiness
    Carbo An (Animal charcoal) - treats acne rosacea

    Itching and Inflammation
    Urtica Ur (Dwarf nettle) - relieves intense itching
    Kali Brom (Potassium bromide) - soothes the itching of psoriasis
    Hydrocotyle (Indian penny wort) - prevents itching and dry skin
    Pyrogenium (Pyrogen) - reduces skin inflammations caused by acne
    Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) - reduces inflammation

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