When you arrive, you are asked to fill out a client intake form that asks a few basic questions about you and your health. This gives us insight that allows us to make each experience better suit your needs.  Then, before beginning any of our unique therapies, we conduct a brief interview to determine the best course of action to take during your session and discuss any questions that either party may have.​ Once this is completed, all of our sessions are done as you relax on our plush massage table in a dimly lit room while listening to soothing music. We ask that all cell phones and pagers are set to silence. Clothing is to remain on, though you may want to loosen tight belts or ties and remove your shoes. Your modesty and comfort are well maintained at all times.  Once your comfort is ensured, the session begins. Reiki is administered using light hand placements on or above the body to create subtle movements and adjustments in the

bodies energetic system. It is not a massage. Most of our clients find themselves relaxing very quickly and often drift off into a restful sleep. After all of the adjustments have been made to begin restoring balance to your system, we gently encourage you out of your relaxed state. You are always offered and encouraged to drink water at the conclusion of your session.  Though Reiki is a subtle form of therapy, as blockages release, toxins can be stirred up in your body as part of your healing process and by drinking plenty of fluids, you ensure they will be flushed out of your system and while re-hydrating your body.


Sessions last approximately one hour each though some may need more or less time.  We encourage you to allow an hour and a half to two hours between engagements to allow time for paperwork, discussion and traffic. You may also find that you would like a bite to eat following your session.  Worrying about running late for your next appointment is an unnecessary distraction from your treatment and should be avoided if at all possible.​


  • Allow 2 hours between engagements to prevent a sense of urgency.

  • Dress comfortably if possible.  Pajama's are OK, but please maintain your decency.

  • If you are scheduled to come at a time when you normally eat, it might be wise to at least snack before arriving.

  • Upon arrival (or before arriving) use the restroom so you can remain comfortable for the next hour.

  • Just before your session- remove your shoes and watches and loosen belts, ties and suspenders.

  • Turn your cell phone on silent or completely off.

  • Talking is discouraged during your session unless you need to get up or become uncomfortable.

  • If you can not sleep, we recommend thinking about your favorite place to go to relax such as the beach.

  • After your session, continue to drink plenty of water to continue  flushing and hydrating your body


  • PLEASE RESPECT OUR TIME. Our time with you is valuable. Please DO NOT come early for your appointment. Appointments are scheduled VERY tightly to accommodate client/therapist needs and to be sure we have enough time to see all of our appointments each day. We understand your eagerness, but please understand arriving early becomes distracting to both client and therapist and disruptive to both session and schedule. When you arrive, gently test the door.  If it is unlocked, please come in and have a seat and someone will be with your shortly, if there's not someone to greet you immediately. Please remain in the waiting area until someone has checked you in. If the door is locked, please do not knock, attempt to force the door or begin banging to get our attention.  We are either still in session, or in the back and will be with you shortly. Additionally, while we enjoy visiting with our clients, we a lot a specific time frame before and after your session. In the beginning to discuss why you are there and any other pre-session needs and after to allow time for you to re-acclimate yourself after a session and to discuss findings or questions you may have. Lingering takes away from your therapists brief moment to take care of personal needs between clients and will set sessions behind often causing your therapist to miss lunch or dinner breaks to get back on schedule.  Skipping breaks can be detrimental to your quality of session and to your therapist's health and well being.


  • PLEASE RESPECT OUR THERAPISTS AT ALL TIMES. Clothing is to remain ON at ALL times. We understand that sometimes consultations require disclosure of personal information, however, we will NOT tolerate inappropriate conversations, actions, advances or any other inappropriate behavior from our clients. We maintain a respectable facility with a qualified staff and it is our stance to protect our staff. If you disrobe or behave in anyway that makes our staff or therapists uncomfortable, you WILL be escorted off the premises, you will NOT be able to reschedule, you will NOT receive any refunds and legal action will be taken immediately, if necessary.


  • TIPPING. Tipping is NEVER required, but ALWAYS appreciated. You are NEVER obligated to tip, but if you enjoyed your session and would like to leave your Therapist a tip you are more than welcome to leave any amount you would like.


  • PLEASE RESPECT THE LINES OF COMMUNICATION. We LOVE to hear from you, but one call is enough. We have had clients call several times back to back in an effort to get someone to answer and often not leaving a message. If we do not answer, please understand that your call/email/private message is important to us and if we have not responded, we are either with a client or away from office. We will reply or return your call IF and only IF you have left a message including your name and number. Additionally, while calling outside of regular business hours happens and can be completely understandable... calling at all hours of the night is not. We also do not do business via text. We apologize for any inconveniences, however, we feel that communication by phone, email or Facebook is adequate enough and a more professional means of communication. Thank you for understanding.



    As of September 2015, we are no longer functioning as an established Clinic, Training Center and Retail Facility. Our Founder would like to thank you for the last 17 years and she is overwhelmed by all the requests for services but she has taken a step back to enjoy her solitude and has moved out of our area.  Though we are sad to see her go, we would like to congratulate her on her WELL DESERVED retirement. Please understand, she will no longer be accepting calls and if you would like to make a request or keep in contact you may contact us via our FACEBOOK PAGE or e-mail us. Please understand this means responses may not be immediate but we will respond to them as soon as we see them. Thank you for understanding.  Nicole HAS said that they plan to continue to make a few occasional appearances at select events and may also offer RARE Training Opportunities to a limited amount of qualified applicants and RARE Reiki Clinics in which we will arrange for travel and a designated host location. Because of the nature of Reiki, we prefer a more private environment to work and will no longer be offering Reiki Therapy at festivals.  We will continue to offer products, enrollment opportunities (if applicable) and Electromagnetic Realignment Sessions on our Trinity Table where locations permit. If you are interested in Attending an Event, Enrolling for Classes or participating in a Reiki Clinic, please be sure to LIKE our page on Facebook and/or subscribe to our FREE Newsletter to stay informed on any upcoming opportunities.

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