The effects of Reiki are cumulative.  Though much can be experienced in as little as a half and hour, for Reiki to be truly effective it is best to begin with a series of three full consecutive sessions.  The focus of an Energy Detox is to work to CLEAR BLOCKAGES in the body's Energetic Systems, RESTORE BALANCE and STABALIZE in these same systems.  These systems include your: Energetic Circulatory System, Emotional Regulatory System & Bio Energetic Fields.  Sessions are best done 3 days in a row for the best possible outcome and to prevent time and opporunity for your systems to regress.  In some cases, it may take as many as 5 sessions to achieve this goal especially in more severe or difficult cases.


During this time your body will undergo several different processes-

  • Acclimates your system to the concept of Energy work

  • Clears blockages in your Energetic System, promoting proper energy flow

  • Stabilizes your Energetic System, Elec, and Emotional Regulatory System & Bio Energetic Field to allow us to proceed

       with more specified techniques that bring you closer to your Wellness goal

  • Balances your body's Energetic Systems, Emotional Regulatory System and Bio Energetic Field to promote  

       relaxation, balanced emotions,decrease stress levels, lower blood pressure and begin the healing process

  • Elevates your vibrational frequency, which continues in each session, building your resilience to such  things as stress, illness,

       emotional release

  • In the event of a healing crisis, allows us to make necessary adjustments to your Energetic Systems to resolve symptoms quickly with minimal side effects

  • Allows the Therapist time to become familiar with your energy patterns allowing us to better determine fluctuations as they occur

  • And finally, to allow us to collect the necessary data and comparisons to formulate your wellness goal according to data collected during your first 3 sessions

Though some relief may be experienced during these preliminary sessions, it is only after your third session that we begin to truly work on the symptoms that brought you here.  This is to help ensure efective and longer lasting benefits.

It is important to understand that lapses in sessions or prolonging your visits past the recommended times can result in a need to start your sessions over again.  (This point can not be emphasized enough!)

After your first three sessions, we will review the data collected and evaluate your case and wellness goals to formulate your personal wellness plan.  Subsequent sessions may range from twice a week to once a month depending on your wellness goals and personal circumstances.

Again, through  regular sessions and given the proper time and circumstance, it is not unreasonable to set one or several wellness goals for yourself or family member.  This assists the Therapist to know what it is you want to accomplish and allow us to create a formula for resolution and personalized treatment plan.


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