Pre Requisite:  

I:    Reiki I Certification issued by The Wind Institute of Healing & 

      Meditative Arts 

II:   Completed Student Application for Enrollment Form

III:  Personal Interview with Instructor & Instructors Approval

      based on demonstration of excellent Self Care Mastery

IV:  Participation in scheduled class enhancement opportunities

V:  *Minimum $100.00 non-refundable application fee

VI:  Completed Essay submitted before class


Concluding Requirements for Certification:


I:    Perfect attendance for each class date

II:  Satisfactory completion of all course work

III: Participation in scheduled class enhancement opportunities

III: Completed Contact Hours

IV: Final Essay submitted before final meeting

V:  Completed Course Evaluation form submitted at final meeting



Please Note: 

I: Essays are NOT graded nor shared with the class and are placed on file for later use.  This and all writing assignments throughout your training are placed there for YOUR benefit and personal development and you are at no time required to share your responses with others.  Responses included in final essay and evaluation does not reflect eligibility for certification.


II: IMPORTANT: As we emphasize extensively in class, please remember TIME is a MINIMAL determining factor for eligibility in class.  Your rate of progress is ALWAYS determined by your level of commitment and energy's natural progression and rate of expansion.  This is NOT a variable that can or should be in any way controlled.  It would be irresponsible of any Instructor to pass a student before he or she is TRULY ready to progress into the next level and can only happen after he or she has TRULY demonstrated genuine Mastery of each aspect of their training.

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