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Sweet Grass and Sage have been held sacred by Native American cultures for centuries for their medicinal and ceremonial uses. White Sage can be brewed as a tea and sipped for sore throats and has almost a meaty taste, used as a compress to dress wounds or as a purifying additive in your bath water. Ground, it can be used as a culinary herb for seasoning meats and stuffings. It is also burned in a fire safe container as an incense and used (on an energetic level) to neutralize negative energy offering a cleansing effect on people, places and things.


Scientifically, when White Sage (a Salvia) is burned and inhaled it acts as a mild euphoric, which explains physically why it can offer such an attitude adjustment. Even Realtors started using this ancient technique to clear old energy out of a home they are placing on the market and the results have astounded them!


Sweet Grass was more commonly used among the Plains Indians where it was more readily available. It was used very much like Sage ceremonially for cleansing objects, areas and people and to signify the beginning of a teaching or ceremony. When using with Sage, Sweet Grass should be used second and is for inviting "Good Spirits" or good energy into the home. Sweet Grass comes in a long braid approximately one foot long and is lit on one end and used like an incense. The smoke is then wafted around the person, object or space. Sweet Grass has a pleasant, sweet aroma that is often pleasing to most people.

Also Available: Abalone Shells & Smudge Feathers
Abalone shells are often used to hold loose sage for ceremonial burning, such as smudging. These shells may be ugly on the outside, but inside is full of beautiful swirling colors. Smudge Feathers are decorative pieces with a purpose.  They can be used to direct the smoke in the direction you desire  and make cleansing easier and more elaborate.

White Sage $4.50 per bag

Sweetgrass $6.50 per braid

Lavendar Flowers $4.50 per bag

NEW! 8"-9" White Sage Smudge Wands $8.50 each

NEW! 3" Black Smudge Wand (Sage & Mugwort) $6.00

NEW! 3" Red Smudge Wand (Sage & Dragon's Blood Resin) $7.00

Plain Smudge/Prayer Feathers $10.00 (SOLD OUT)

Fancy Smudge/Prayer Feathers $15.00 (SOLD OUT)

Abalone Shells (price varies according to size & quality)  

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