music & meditation 

Music to heal the mind and soothe the soul. With a wide range to choose from its hard not to collect them all.  Choose from our amazing audio collection and take your relaxation into the next level with


Reiki Gold

Chakra Gold

Chants for Love & Light 

& More


Direct Shipping is Available on ALL of these items so stock up, send them to a friend or both!

Blank Greeting Cards with beautiful Zen images allow you the freedom to write from the heart and are perfect for any and every occasion.  Each beautiful card comes with a full length audio CD with tracks sampling from several albums and a custom envelope to tuck it all safely in. It is the perfect way to experience several albums all at once and learn what your favorites are.



 What more could you want?

Let Guided Meditation Albums soothe you on a journey to inner peace and healing.  With several options to choose from, it's easy to slip off into a welcomed state of bliss.


The Beginnger's Guide to

Meditation & Visualization Album


Little Pain Relief Meditation Album


Pregnancy & Childbirth Meditation Album


Children's Bedtime Meditations

Little Crystal Meditation Album


& More

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