about the wind institute 


We are a Traditional Japanese Reiki Center specializing in providing quality care and unique opportunities for healing while relaxing for each of our clients through Reiki Therapy & Bio Energetic Therapies.

Our services offer sanctuary from the outside world to allow you to relax and unwind as we begin your journey through the healing process through our private sessions or training programs. And though we are not a retail facility, you will find a selection of quality Natural Health Care Products to restore physical, mental and emotional health and beauty, allowing you take your experience home with you.


Our skilled Therapists each offer a unique way to allow you to relax and unwind as you find your self experiencing subtle to profound relief.  


Look forward. 
Enjoy our Free Newsletter, Insights & Events, written to both inspire and inform or check our Events Calendar to learn more about events will be be hosting and other opportunities in your area.


The Wind Institute's primary focus is on (but not limited to) the Clinical and Practical Applications of Reiki and Energetic Therapies. Our mission is to educate the public on what Reiki is and the benefits it has on all levels of not only people, but the environment as well. We choose to embrace every opportunity to assist in the expansion of people's awareness through lecture, demonstrations, classes and private sessions. It brings us great joy in seeing our student's and client's rapid improvements in mental and physical health and hearing stories of how they overcame each of their personal obstacles.



"Just for Today...

     Do not worry.

     Do not anger.

     Be Grateful.

     Fulfill your duties (Meditate)

     Be kind to others. (And yourself)"

Proudly Serving Upstate, South Carolina

© 1999 The Wind Institute

of Healing & Meditative Arts

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